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Spain - is not only a beautiful blue sea , beauty of nature and incredible historical and architectural monuments, it is also a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the unique dishes of traditional cuisine with a glass of wine from local grapes. The names of the famous brands like Sherry, Rioja or Jumilla sound familiar to everybody .
The thousand-year history of the famous Mediterranean diet has long turned into a Spanish wine production into an art.

Each region presents its own special cuisine. The fresh seafood you can try in the Basque Country.  The lands of Murcia, Galicia and Castile are famous for their juicy fruits, aromatic herbs, asparagus . High-quality beef, and dairy products are worth a try in cantabria . Cuisine of Catalonia is considered the most elegant with a distinct taste for its fish dishes. The fish is also loved in the Valencia region. In the south of the country, in the region of Andalusia, you can enjoy dishes that remind us of the long history of the development of the Iberian Peninsula by the Moors. Lovely Andalucia is famous for its pastries and dishes of oxtail, and a variety of soups, including cold gazpacho.

Another gastronomic miracle of Spain is jamon! Hamon is an uncooked jerked pork ham, which enjoys great popularity among the Spaniards. The art of the jamon production, which lasts several years, has been developed from generation to generation for centuries. They say that jamon helped sailors to survive the long voyage of Columbus and to discover the New World.

The tour of the wine cellars Jumilla Yecla.
One of the classic wine regions of Spain is Murcia, there is everything here: a great climate, sandy beaches, historical sites.
And of course the excellent winery. The fact that they are among the best in Spain is of no doubt: today wines from Murcia are represented in 40 countries around the world. The most famous winegrowing farms are located near the municipality of Jumilla, located at an altitude of 550 meters above sea level. Natural conditions of the region is ideal for growing certain varieties of grapes: a combination of continental climate and the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea - for example, such as the well-known grape variety Monastrell ( also called Mourvedre or Mataro).

Antaal Spain Tour organizes wine-gastronomic tours throughout Spain and wishes bon appetite!
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