Festivals September-December 2016

The Spanish people love holidays and festivals and know how to celebrate them. It is difficult to list them all. There are state and religious , historical and folkloric festivals. Almost every day in some place of the country the cheerful Spaniards are celebrating, singing and dancing. The festivals are prepared by true professionals and almost all the inhabitants of towns and cities take part in the celebrations. Visit the local festivities, because only there you will see the real Spain and get the unforgettable experience . Antaal Spain Tour organize for you a trip to the festival and get you acquainted with the traditions and customs of the country.

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September-December 2016

02.09. - 08.09. Fiesta of St. Antolin and the running of the bulls, Medina al Campo, Castilla la Mancha

05.09. - 11.09 Folklore festival "Bulls and Horses" Segorbe, Valencia

11.09. Fiesta of the Virgin of Gracia, El Escorial, Castilla-La Mancha

01.09. - 12.09. Moors and Christians, Murcia

16.09. - 25.09. Carthaginians and Romans, Cartagena

26.09 - 28.09 The Moors and Christians Altea

28.10 Fiesta of the Rose Saffran, Consuegra / Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha

30.09 - 04.10 The Moors and Christians, Benidorm

03.10 - 09.10 The Moors and Christians Valencia

10.10 - 13.10 The Moors and Christians, Cayos en Sarria

12.10 - 15.10 The Moors and Christians, El Campello

21.10 - 25.10 The Moors and Christians in Calpe

13.11 - 23.11 Fiesta of St. Clement, Lorca

05.12. - 08.12. Fiesta of the Virgin of Castile, Yecla, Murcia

08.12 Fiesta of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, Seville

24.12 - 25.12 Christmas holidays, nativity scenes

31.12 New Year